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Long time, No write...

Dannnggg it's been over a year since I've last written. Its funny how crazy life gets as you move further into your adult years. Things that have changed, hmmmm???

Or updates.....hmmmm....
~I'm beginning my 4th year of teaching on August 23rd (time flies!). Same school, still 2nd grade. My principal tried persuading me to teach 5th but I turned down that offer. Being in a school that has not made AYP in Lord knows how long, only builds the stress and paper work load every year. I did it my first year, and don't want to be a part of that anymore, if I can help it (at least not at my current school).

~I'm turning 27 in one week. whoop whoop!

~I have 4 classes left to take in grad school and comprehensive exam to pass. Prayerfully, I'll be graduating by May 2011.

~I just came back from a vacation in Orlando, Florida. Had a ball!

~Researching for my non-profit and doing a little networking.

I think that's about it. Hopefully it won't be another year before I get back on here lol. jp, it shouldn't though. Take care.

Constant Reflection......

The last few weeks I've been feeling this sense of unfulfillment and incompletion. And its been a very heavy feeling. Part of me doesn't know why. I mean, I graduated from college, got a B.S. degree, currently working on my masters, doing well with my teaching career, and am also tutoring foster children. Oh yeah, I'm also beginning my own nonprofit organization for children with cancer (that's something that God embedded in me to do; excited about it too). But for some reason, I feel like I haven't done much or enough with my life. Part of this comes from looking at others that have completed goals and other things that they set out to do. Then a friend of mine called me the other day and told me how I don't finish what I start. That statement really stuck with me. And it bothered me. I'm thinking "man, am I really that bad?" It's been having me down because I really don't want to be this way or be known as someone who "doesn't finish what she starts."

Well today, I felt a little bit better because I finally officialy joined my church- Empowerment Temple. Yea, it took a minute, but I had to make up my mind and take it with God. Anyway, that made me feel extra good. A feeling of completion of something. Hopefully this feeling will remain and I can continue to complete other things started or will be started......

Something that I've learned lately......

Common sense really is not common. Nuff' said.

On break!

I'm in Detroit and lovin' it! There's nothing like being home. Be back in Maryland on Monday.

Stress is not good for anybody...

So I've been ridiculously busy lately with requirements for school, requirements for work, and job hunting on top of that. Needless to say, I'm beyond tired. And to top that all off, my principal decides to add on to my stress during my pms time this week- not good lol. Anyway, I've come to my "shutting down" point this week. Since yesterday, I've had this headache that's been hurting like no other. I pray that it leaves soon. I called in sick for today and just put in for a substitute for tomorrow. I'll be back on Friday to see my babies off for spring break. But it's just too much going on. I thought that it would be wise for me to take off as I don't want this stress to kill me. Trust me, it can kill anybody.

A few weeks ago, this bank branch manager that my aunt knew from the D, died of a massive heart attack. This girl was only 29 years old. Only about 4 years older than me. That's young! She had lots of stress in her life- she was a mother of 3 children, engaged to the kids' father who was stressing her, and manager of one of the National City Bank branches in Detroit. Anyway, one of her tellers found her passed out on the floor. Half of her body was in her office and the other half was sticking out in the hallway. She was rushed to the hospital, but actually stopped breathing while in the ambulance.

That's devastating. At the same time, it should be a wake-up call for me and everybody else. I know that I love the life that God has given me. I would like to get married in a few years and have children. I'm not ready to go yet. Actually, I'm not trying to go anywhere until God says so. Until then, I'm trying to do what I can to take care of myself and not do anything to cause an early homegoing.

I'm happy that spring break is coming. I won't fully be able to relax as the "stress" that my principal is imposing on me is on April 24, after we come back. However, it will be nice to not have to go to work for a week. The kids get out on Friday. I'm flying to Detroit on April 8. I'll be back in Maryland on April 13. I can't wait. I need to get out for a minute.

On May 22-25, Memorial Day weekend, my best friend and I will be flying down to Atlanta. I'm very excited about that as I have not gone on any type of vacation in about 3 years. So this is much anticipated and much needed.

Soo yea, that's all for now. I'm about to take some more medicine and go to bed. Much love....
Things have been going a little bit better lately. My car has been fixed, looks brand new, and I no longer have the rental. Teaching has been going well. I've been in more prayer lately about everything. Not just my concerns, but also things that I'm grateful for. God has been great, through the good and the bad.

One of my concerns that has been growing is my job. P.G. County, along with the rest of the country, is cutting 1,000 jobs. They claim that it's non-instructional to the press-however, I know teachers that have already received notice that the county is currently unsure if whether or not they will have a job next school year. On top of this, the school that I teach at is in it's final year of trying to make AYP. If they don't make AYP this year, everyone in my building (including my principal, assistant principal, etc.) will be out of a job and will have to reapply with P.G. county for a job. And who's to say that we'd all receive our jobs back at that? So, my job hunt began a while ago.

I really have my eyes on this one public charter school in D.C. I found out 2 days ago that they're having a career expo next Saturday from 9-1. They need every position. I'm in the process of submitting my resume and cover letter now. I'm speaking that job into existance. So many districts now have a hiring freeze, as well as companies. But I know that something will work out for me. I'm also applying for government positions as well.

In other news.....

Grad school is going well. Busy, but well. I've also recently gotten a 2nd hustle. Starting next week, I'll be tutoring foster children in D.C. I'm very excited about that. I'm gonna be even more tired, but I'm doing what I gotta do, you know? So yeah, that's all for now.... Much love...

A very rough last 2 weeks

These last two weeks have been filled with much stress and has kept me exhausted as well. Then to top it all off, I was in a car accident in Baltimore on Sunday morning. I was on my way to church and was about 5 minutes away. I was sitting at a red light waiting to turn off of the freeway and onto East Liberty Rd. when this old lady slammed into the back of me, causing me to hit the side of my head on my driver's window. I was frantic, my head was hurting and I was pissed off at her. Her excuse was "Well I thought you had already gone and plus, I'm not from around here and this car is a rental." WHO GIVES A ****!!!! Yo' tail don't need to be driving if you are not able to tell whether or not a car is MOVING!

Anyways, the police gave her the ticket and I ended up going to the hospital to have my head checked. My headache lasted through all day yesterday. I stayed home from work today to rest up some more and just take it easy. I am definitely going after that lady's insurance company. I made the claim when I got home later on Sunday and I've already been in touch with her company, State Farm. I also may end up getting a lawyer because now she's starting to play games. I'll fix that. I took my car in for an estimate this afternoon. On Monday, I'll drop it off to get a new bumper put on. The shop will have it for 3 days and State Farm will also be covering my rental car expense, as well as hospital bill. uggghhhh,.. Lord help me please......

In other news,
One good thing that is making me feel a little bit better is the fact that I have an interview on Monday (after I drop my car off) in Silver Spring at this tutoring company. I'm really hoping and praying that I get this position as I really need a second job. If I do get it, it would be a flexible position (which I need) and would pay $15 per hour. Yes, I'm on that good hustle. Hey, in this current economy, you don't have a choice.

But I'm not yet finished hustling. Due to the fact that P.G. County is cutting many of their teachers and other positions, I'm currently searching for another full-time job for next year. This search includes teaching and government. I'm not being picky. My only preference is that I make at least what I'm making now or more. Prayerfully everything will work out. God has always taken great care of me through the good and the bad times. Right now, it's pretty rough; however, I know that a blessing is on the way. That's about enough for now. I need to get back to studying for this quiz that I have tomorrow night in class. Much love.......

Snow/Ice Day

Sooo due to this ridiculous inclement weather, school and work has been closed today. I'm happy because I don't have to deal with what I had yesterday. Yesterday, as I was driving on 495, and going under 20mph mind you, my car hit black ice and began to spin. That was the scariest experience ever. But God protected me and made it so that there was plenty of space so that no one hit me and neither did I hit anyone. This is why I continue to pray for His protection daily because you never know what could come your way. And it's something because right before I got off on my exit, a couple of other cars had turned while we were going southbound. On the northbound side, there were other accidents. Crazy!

I was so pissed off that P.G. County didn't close school yesterday after that incident. Shoot, they didn't even delay it. However, later on they decided that they would hold early dismissal. So I was able to leave early. Driving home, the roads were much better and I made it home by 2:15. Today, I'm just resting and getting a lot of grading done since we have to do report cards on Friday. I actually knocked a lot of that out last night. So today, I'm going to try and finish up and just edit things tomorrow so that I can place grades on the report cards.

In other things,

How do you feel about our new President? Me, I feel so very blessed and extremely optimistic about everything. I know that's most likely everybody and their mama's feelings as well. But I don't know- I really can't explain the excitement that I feel. I guess its more so that we have such a genuine person in leadership now. In the past, I've always had this mindset that all politicians are dirty in some way. But he seems to really try to be a positive example for the people in the world, instead of talking a bunch of mess. I'm proud of that.

One thing that kind of worries me though is that it seems as if some people are so happy, that they are now "worshipping" him. I'm thinking, "hold on now. It's a blessing that God's provided a black man for office, but don't get carried away." Barack is not going to supply all of our needs. Barack is not the one to give and keep us in good life and health- God is. People need to remember that.

But yeah, those are my thoughts for now. Til next time......much love. :-)

Jan. 19th, 2009

I must say that I've truly been having a ball this weekend. Yes, it's Inauguration weekend and it is so live. My girl Gia is in town and I've been loving spending time, hanging with my lil' sis. I think probably the best time so far of this weekend has been all of the new friends that we made yesterday at the HBO Inauguration concert. We were all there, STANDING, from about 9am til 4:30pm. We were right up front by the water. While it sucked that we couldn't straight see the artists, due to them being required to perform at the top of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (thus forcing us to watch the jumbotron), we still had sooooo much fun bonding and clowning with each other. After the concert had ended, we all walked opposite of the crowd all the way to 20th and Pennsylvania Ave to Johnny Rockets to eat. We were STARVING! But the food was real good. We truly enjoyed each other's company and called ourselves a big new family. We really acted like some natural brothers and sisters. The way we all kicked it- you would've thought that we'd known each other for years. That was a beautiful thing that I will truly cherish. We're hoping to meet up tomorrow for the Inauguration ceremony; although I'll admit that it will be nearly impossible due to the expected 4 million people attending. However, we have begun befriending each other on Facebook this morning and sending messages. Good times!

So today, Gia and I were supposed to go to this Michigan Pre-Inaugural Open House at the Library of Congress from 9-12. However, as exhausted as we were yesterday, I knew we weren't going to get up. Plus, we've been running all weekend and really haven't had any "down time." So today is chill and be lazy day. We gotta get up madd early tomorrow for Inauguration. And Gia flies back to Michigan tomorrow night. I go back to work on Wednesday, which will be difficult. The good part is that it's only a 3 day work week.

So with that being said, I'm going to continue my day of being a lazy bum. Much love. :-)

New Year, New Beginnings :-)

I'm currently in Michigan visiting my family and have been here since Dec. 21st. I'm flying back to Maryland tomorrow night. I've been enjoying my time as I'm getting tons of rest.

Any updates?
~I finished my first semester at Bowie State with a 4.0 GPA and i"m very excited about that.
~I finally got to see and meet Mary Mary in person as my girl and I were able to attend their concert in Baltimore.
~God is good, all the time
~All the time, God is good. :-)

Have a blessed New Year and make this the year that you take the lesson you learned from Obama and apply it ( not just speak it and wish on it).

Much love :-)