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Days of My Life

Ms. Angie
20 August 1983
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I love God. He is my rock. I love music- it's one of my few passions. I love to sing (but don't expect to get a solo from me cause i won't do it. I'm shy at that lol). I love everyone. I love kids and am passionate about education. I love to laugh think that it's one of the best therapies ever! I love to enjoy my life to the fullest. One day soon, I hope to see the world, beginning with Paris, France. I'm in love with French and the culture (hint: guess what language I am currently studying?). I love to read; it's been my most favorite thing to do since the age of 5. Besides reading for pleasure, I read to constantly educate myself in various things, as I feel people should want to do.

I'm on this website as a form of entertainment and making new friends. Getting an "online" relationship is not one of them. I'm not down with those. So if you're one of those types, please do not send me any messages. But if you're just wanting to meet new people, feel free to send me a message. I keep my journal clean so, please, do not send inappropriate comments. Thanks!

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